New Dark 10th Anniversary Contest Results

Intertheft by Nomadman, got 493 total score and 8.22 average score.

House of the Architect by TheDataElemental, got 464 total score and 7.73 average score.


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New Dark 10th Anniversary Contest Missions Released

The idea of this contest is quoted below:

Create a new mission, inspired by one of the original missions created by Looking Glass, hopefully using the benefits of New Dark to your advantage.

See original release post.

See original announcement with details.

There are only two missions submitted:

House of the Architect, by TheDataElemental
Intertheft, by Nomadman

Campaign & Contest Browser

We introduce a new fan mission series browser!

With the new page you can easily browse through two kinds of FM series:

- Contests
- other Series - which are mostly story-related campaigns

When browsing series, you have access to most of the functions that you already know from fan mission browser. You can filter-out series that were released during specific timespan or limit to games that are of your interest.

By default, series and contests are ordered from newest to oldest. If you want, you can order them by rating, popularity or alphabetically. In rating option, series are ordered by average across all missions inside each list!

Don't forget that you can also make your own collections. While series and contests are a sort of official lists of missions, collections provide you a way of cataloging missions as you like.

TDM "Connections" Contest Results

Christmas "Connections" Contest 2021 results are now available on The Dark Mod Forums:

1) Winner: Wellingtoncrab "Iris" 97.08%

2) Bikerdude, Amadeus, Dragofer "Written in Stone" 95.28%

3) Kingsal "Hazard Pay" 95.06%

4) thebigh "Down and Out on Newford Road" 81.01%

5) Jedi_Wannabe "Paying the Bills 0: Moving Day" 77.64%

Congratulations to all contestants!

Read more on The Dark Mod Forums

Browse and download all fan missions here

Christmas "Connections" Contest

Christmas "Connections" Contest missions are now available.

Go here for a list of all 5 missions.

The theme of the contest is "connections", which means that the mission must somehow relate to the story or characters of another existing TDM mission.

In addition, the organizer defined a list of "dev build bonuses" that are adding reward points to the voting average.

To help promote the 2.10 beta process and encourage more testing, additional points will be added for using features from the latest TDM versions.

Read more about the rules on The Dark Mod Forums

Dromed Summer Speedbuild Competition

A non-contest speedbuild competition was announced on TTLG. The competition will start at Sunday, August 1st and will last for 14 days.

This will not be a contest per se, as in there won’t be any voting or a declared winner, but instead will just be a friendly competition with your Dromed cohorts, and a chance to see what you can accomplish in a short period of time.

Read more in original post here

Update: 2021 Summer Speedbuild Missions Released

Update: See all missions

Collector's Update

I'm a collector, Mr Garrett.

This famous quote is an inspiration for our July 2021 Update - Mission Collections!

After spending dozens of late evening hours, I am finally happy to present to you something I wanted to have long long time ago already.

With Mission Collections update, you're now able to keep private or public lists of favorites or of anything else you want, like:

  • watchlists
  • your check-ins
  • "Currently Playing"
  • "Replay Needed" / "Hard Replay Needed" / "Expert Replay Needed"
  • "Ghosted" / "Ghostable" / "Non-ghostable"
  • anything

Features of this update include:

  • CREATE your own collections of FMs, share them or keep them in your private library. Check any mission page top right corner nearby rating section to create your first list or add mission to a list / favorites with no effort.
  • EASILY order missions in your collection, if your list needs that. Click menu button at the top right corner of your collection page and choose "Set order".
  • KILLER list display that displays all important details in a compact and readable form.
  • ADDITIONALLY order your collections inside your collection library. Which collections are more important than others?
  • FOLLOW anyone's collections
  • LET FOLLOW your collections by making them public
  • BEAUTIFUL aesthetic fix for FM "card" display - no more margins around miniature covers in FM list, along with some other improvements towards website looking better on mobile devices

See all public collections here.


21st Anniversary of LGS Closing

On 25th of May 2021 we hear from Mike Chrzanowski who reminds us that 21 years ago this day was a sad day for Looking Glass Studios as the company was closed on May 24, 2000, due to lack of funding.

Mike worked on Thief Gold, Thief II, and the unreleased Thief II Gold. He finished the Mage Tower level in TG and built Shipping and Receiving, and Blackmail levels in T2. As he wrote on TTLG forums, throughout his time at Looking Glass he took many pictures. He decided to share them for this occasion.

I have some great pics from picnics and parties. There are also a few screenshots from an unfinished T2G level. I even found my design document.

You can find all shared photos on Imgur here: https://imgur.com/user/LGMikeC

Looking Glass Studio - THIEF Unreleased / Cut Content

The unreleased mission Tollgate College document is also around in the net:

[Mirror] [Mirror]

Read more about unreleased Thief 2 Gold missions:

Thief The Dark Wiki - Thief II Gold

Abandoned Thief II Gold Fan Mission Project

Alcazar wins the One Million Units Contest

Alcazar won the One Million Units Contest!

One million applauses!

The mission won with score 26.84 / 30


The tally is as follows:

(FM, authors, score)

1. Alcazar, Schlock & Squadafroin, 26.84.
2. The Turning of the Leaves, nicked, 26.34.
3. A Midsummer Night's Heist, skacky, 25.29.
4. The Cinder Notes, DrK, 25.21.
5. Recipe for Turmoil, Psych0sis, 22.82
6. The Perdurance, Skejven, 22.14.
7. Sabotage at Eastport, Intruder, 21.84.
8. Sinister Night, Terra, 16.36.
9. Nightwalk, Pookaball, 16.19.

Browse missions ordered by score in our list here and check the TTLG thread.


Around the time of publishing of the contest results, a new Inside At Last podcast episode arrived!

In this episode, Brethren himself joins the guys to give a review over all contest entries.

Inside At Last is the "one and only" Thief related podcast.

Check the episode post on TTLG here.


As always... Thank you for all your missions!


All Contest Missions Available

Four new missions have been released today:

The Cinder Notes by Anonymous, Thief 2
Nightwalk by Pookaball, Thief Gold
Recipe for Turmoil by Anonymous, Thief Gold
Sabotage in Eastport by Intruder, Thief 2

For completeness, here is again the first batch released January 1st:

Alcazar by Schlock (with much help from Squadfroinx), Thief Gold
A Midsummer Night`s Heist by Rotten Burrick of a Master, Thief 2
The Perdurance by Skejven, Thief 2
Sinister Night by Terra, Thief 2
The Turning of the Leaves by nicked, Thief 2

Check original TTLG post here.

You can browse all 9 contest missions on Thief Guild here.

"One Million Units" Contest Missions Released

The contest announced on October 1st is now (partially) started. Brethren released the first batch of authors that managed to get missions done on time:

Alcazar by Schlock (with much help from Squadfroinx), Thief Gold
A Midsummer Night`s Heist by Rotten Burrick of a Master, Thief 2
The Perdurance by Skejven, Thief 2
Sinister Night by Terra, Thief 2
The Turning of the Leaves by nicked, Thief 2

The contest is inspired by the old Komag contest, which required smaller FMs created in a 2-3 month time period.

It is possible that 3 more missions will be released in the coming week.

Check original TTLG post here.

Browse the contest mission list here.

Taffy New Year!


Fall 2020 Thief FM Contest

A new fan mission contest has been announced. Organised on TTLG by Brethren, the contest will allow to use any kind of resource, but will limit mission 3D space to one million in-game units. In effect, this will be a contest of rather small, but hopefully detailed and diverse missions.

Brethren gave some examples of good quality missions that do not exceed the size of one million units (we added links, so that you can check them while the current contest is running):

For inspiration, you might want to take a look at some of the standout missions from previous contests. All of the missions listed below will fit into the space allowed for this contest, most with plenty of room to spare.

Into The Maelstrom by Morrgan/Vigil
The Tower by Lady Rowena
Temple of the Tides by Nameless Voice
The Hightowne Museum by Spitter
The Relic by Timon
Ashes and Dust by Random Taffer
The Affairs of Wizards by Nameless Voice
Old Comrades, Old Debts by Bukary
Deceptive Perception by William The Taffer
The Burrick’s Head Inn by Yandros
Keyhunt by Eshaktaar
The Night Shift by Ottoj55

The contest allows missions for Thief 1, Thief Gold and Thief 2.

For this contest, voting will be based on three categories:

1) Best use of space
2) Design/Construction
3) Atmosphere/Story.

Read more or discuss here: TTLG

New Thief: The Dark Project Unofficial Bugfixing Patch

AntiMatter_16 (AM16) released another bugfixing patch, this time for TDP. The author claims he "spent over a thousand hours fixing and improving the missions".

AM16 carefully played all TDP original missions and applied both visual and game mechanics fixes. These include:

  • adjusting texture alignments,
  • fixings room brushes,
  • optimizing terrain,
  • minor visual enhancements,
  • broken content and conversations fixes,
  • distant building viewing limitations removal

I did not keep a changelog, as it would be tens of thousands of items long, and would have just substantially slowed down progress.

says the author himself.

AM16 also mentioned that all changes combined with the architecture being now visible from distance makes together a spectacular effect.

Many players admit that this is a great opportunity to play the entire game once again.

You can play the missions using any FM loader.

Sources: TTLG, Screenshots

The Art behind Thief

Inside At Last is the "one and only" Thief related podcast, run by Nex, Lord Soth and Supremcee.

The podcast started in November 2019. Since then, we were able to meet different Thief players, creators and, most of all, some important personalities. Purah (YouTube Link) or ... Stephen Russell (YouTube Link), to name two.

In this episode, Supremcee is joined by Daniel Thron, who had a major role in the creation process of the art for the original Thief Games. "Also I was joined by the amazing, Thief inspired artist, Dominus and Skacky who added so many questions and material to the discussion." - we read in the episode description.

Dominus is a very talented artist. Some of his works are used here as Thief Guild website background (see front page footer). Recently, his contribution to upcoming campaign, The Black Parade, was revealed with a fantastic poster. Skacky, a well-known FM creator that needs no introduction, is the lead builder of this huge 10 extensive missions project. See the published poster, as well as other artworks in original post on TTLG here.

You can listen to the episode above, or click here.

Here is the list of all episodes:

Celebration of Pilgrims

Today TTLG contest organizers published the final results of Thief 2 20th Anniversary Contest.

Congrats to marbleman and Random_Taffer for taking first place!

See detailed results below or check the sorted list of missions here on the portal.

Since the contest is closed, we made Thief Guild ratings visible, too, so it is possible to check the individual ratings or sort with other averages on the portal.

Again, to all contestants, a big thanks to you all for all your missions!

Thief 2: The Metal Age 20th Anniversary Contest

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Thief 2: The Metal Age, TTLG organized a contest where participants had one year to build one or more missions in the style of the original game and using mostly stock assets.

There are 8 missions now, but we should expect the list to be updated with about 3 or more entries, in next few days.

UPDATE: In the end, 11 missions were submitted.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the original deadline was relaxed by a few days to give those struggling to meet it a little extra time. We have 8 stellar missions being released today, with several more expected in the next four days (likely 3 more, barring any surprise entries).

says Yandros, one of the two organizers - the other one being skacky.

The official download of the missions is provided by Brethren and can be found here with a mirror here.

IMPORTANT: You have to update to T2Fix 1.27b or later and run the missions using NewDarkloader, AngelLoader or FMSel. If you update using T2Fix, it is recommended to disable all optional features.

You should also disable/uninstall all higher quality 3D model packs and HD textures

Check the original post releasing all the missions here!

Seeing as this is a contest, you taffers get to vote for your favorite mission. The voting period starts on Saturday, Mar 28 and will last until June 28, 2020. Mission voting is presented as 3 categories worth 10 points each — Atmosphere, Gameplay and Story - or a general score of 30 without categories. Voters can choose either system to score missions. Be advised that judges may deduct up to 5 points per submission if contest rules were broken.

Voting will start on Mar 28, 2020 and a link to the voting page will be posted in above post and on Thief Guild portal.

Browse all the missions in the directory here.

Missions sorted out

Having more and more active users, especially those who rate missions, we had no other choice and made some useful improvements. Taking into account your suggestions, we've added sort by feature to fan mission page. You can now sort missions by date, rating and popularity!

The user profile page has updates, too. As many of you said, the mission rating archive is not as useful as it could. For this reason you can now also sort your own ratings, and other people ratings, by date and best/worst. You can also limit the rating page to a selected game, in case you are currently focused on missions for a specific platform only.

We've also added a nice looking mission rating histogram to your profile pages :) Histograms are a source of different kinds of useful information. You can for example guess someone's taste a bit, by taking a look on the distribution of their ratings. Often two people have different taste if the percentage of 1/10 ratings is different between both of them. But that is not always the case. A collection of ratings with a majority of 8/10 and above may mean that someone played the most popular titles only. But it may also mean that someone's just started discovering the world of fan missions, not knowing the best titles yet. Histogram is just a useful helper statistic, which, together with a list of titles, can tell something more about the player. The chart limits itself to a selected game, when a game filter is chosen on the ratings page.

Let's keep filling this library of mission ratings and reviews by deciding on future updates together.

The Guild of Creators and Players

We are proud to announce that the long-awaited feature for fan mission management is now here!

In addition, we have made mission reviews possible - as a bonus! :)

Are you a fan mission creator? Do you plan to release a few missions or demos? Join our Guild and upgrade to a free Creator Account! What is a Creator Account? Check out the details here!

Not making, but playing missions? Sign in for free, and submit your reviews to the portal. Rate missions by category - use standard categories or define your own! Learn how to do that here!