Stream Robots Invasion

It has been a long time since the last update on our website. This is because two things: 1. I don't really have much time for website administration lately and 2. when I work on Thief Guild, I spend my time on developing new features. Some of them take really too much time. Speaking of which, as promised, here is a new exciting feature!

Let me introduce you Stream Robots. They are pretty like the steam robots from Thief II: The Metal Age, but instead of consuming steam, they feed on different streams and gather useful data for us.

The first Stream Robot which already did his first job is Lord Lockpick. He is just a regular robot, checking out most important websites in our network. After visiting a page, he will extract important data from it and store into our database. Don't worry, he will not take over our site. He will just be, in some cases, more useful than a few administrators. He will take care of missing data, like fanmission download links, which is quite popular problem in our database right now.


Gathering at the Bar

We are happy to inform you that Thief Guild Team had a very nice intimate meeting with two other Polish fandom network contributors - we met with SPIDIvonMARDER, a moderator of Polish Thief Forum and Dziarsky, an administrator of Polish Thief Portal. It's not easy to meet when one group lives in far northern Poland and the other group in far southern side of the country - but we show that it is possible! The gathering took place in a cozy bar in the heart of Poland - in Warsaw. We had a good beer, good laugh and a good talk about Thief series and related games. We all unanimously agreed that the Polish fandom scene consists of many commited and talented individuals.

On ThiefGuild.com, we want to give various tools that will allow you to help the fanmission community stay well-informed and to present your own works.

Stay tuned for upcoming functionality updates on our website! Now you can subscribe us via ATOM and RSS

You can also subscribe fanmission releases separately: ATOM, RSS.

PS. News title relates to small fan mission Gathering at the Bar :) The mission is an exceptional example of modding as it is available for both platforms: TDP oraz TMA, which we also present with links between these two entries. TMA version was made by conversion.

PPS. Yes, Gathering at the Bar authors are also co-authors of CoSaS 1: Gathering at the Inn.

Thief Guild as a New Mission

We want to make the fanmission information more accessible and transparent, so that both raw data and gaming experience can be stored and shared in a fandom community driven database.

It is already two decades of strong and active community of players of Thief game series. During that entire time, we shown that we want more and more cult and iconic stealth gameplay experience. We also shown we are able to make such experience possible, too. Regardless if we talk about the classic Thief series fanmissions or completely fan-made standalone Thief-inspired game: The Dark Mod - the community of modders created a large number of high quality playable content ... and things are not planning to be changed, it seems.

Seeing what we already have and thinking about what is yet to come, we give you ThiefGuild.com and aim to organize existing content and plan to make future content even more organized. Our community mission will be to help others find out more about fanmissions in accessible and convenient way. And our mission has a few objectives.

The first of our goals is to provide a basic directory of all existing fanmissions. We trust we can achieve that with your help, by hosting for you a wiki-like system, which allows you and us to work together on our database and collaboratively take care of the quality of its content. Taking into account diversified taste of the players, we organize fanmissions by genre and provide to you a possibility to rate and review them, so that other players could find the best items even faster.

But this is only a beginning of a very long edu... well, we have a lot of ideas and can not wait to bring them all to life as fast as we can! However let's proceed step by step and think about our distant goals, keeping in mind that a twist plot may sometimes happen. We know it is like on the picture attached to this article - it is a beginning of a new regular mission, but who knows how plot will develop after our first goals are finished? We trust, however, we are about to grab plenty of loot together.

Please do not confuse Thief Guild with an original mission Thieves Guild, provided to you in Thief Gold expansion pack. Our guild is focused on a single thief only - the one, everybody is changing into each time we begin a new mission.