Heart And Soul

by 3 authors

I found a letter on my mantlepiece. It read, 'Dear Mr. Garrett, We know about your foray into the Bonehoard some months ago. The High Priest has chosen to overlook this. However, during ...

Up in the Bonehoard

The Bonehoard with a little twist.

Gems of Provenance Campaign

I'm having difficulty pawning off the Horn of Quintus, and if I don't get a buyer soon, I'll be forced into the streets. That's an option I refuse to take. Seems what's selling lately is gold and g...

Valley of The Burned / The Widow's Ire

Lady Gyllus owns a particularly large and uncut gem. Her husband passed away recently. Rumour has it that he was going to take the gem away from her, so she poisoned him. People are now calling...

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