Dayport Theatre

1st Mission (Dayport Theatre): After my job at Angelwatch, Karras has to inspire the nobles of Dayport for his servant project. He organizes a second prom at the Dayport Theatre next week. So I h...

Thief: The Black Parade

by 7 authors

In The Black Parade you play the character of Hume, a hardened criminal who was sent into exile as a punishment for his crimes. The year is 833, you are now back in The City, a sprawling metropo...

Lord Ashton Series (NewDark)

The Lord Ashton Series includes the fanmissions: A Visit to Lord Ashton's, A Night's Stroll, Escape, Revenge, In Search Leon, The Secret of Sir Stefan, A Winter's Night and The Wedding of Sir André.

Reverse Robbery

Yesterday the Blackrose Bank got robbed. Unfortunately, that's MY bank. Someone broke through a wall in the basement, got right into the vault, and escaped with a good bit of coin. The Baron has...

Whispers Below the Cobblestone

Lord Guldenberg might just be the wealthiest man in this part of Hightowne. He's engaged in an ongoing competition with the other nobles in this area, his two biggest rivals being Lord Ravenhurst...

The Abandoned Castle 2.0

I heard a rumor at the bar in a town I visited last night about a castle nearby. The thieves I heard talking about it said that it is abandoned and that it had been for many years. I really have to...

Hidden Hands: The Anomaly

by 5 authors

Descend into an abandoned research facility, explore the excavation site, and find out what happened to the workers.

Catacombs of Knoss Remastered

A soft knocking woke me from an uneasy sleep. Opening my apartment door with the caution that only a flashbomb up my sleeve and a sharpened sword can bring, I was just in time to see the edge of a ...

Second City Bank

I received a tip from the pagans. The Mechanists are keeping their plans in a deposit box at second City Bank and Trust. They've given me a copy of the key, I didn't ask how they managed to retrie...

The Hare in the Snare: Part 1

People are being abducted off the streets and a Watch Captain requires the services of a thief to help him find out why.

Blackgrove Manor

Lord Blackgrove recently purchased a rare expensive artifact. The whole family has now disappeared leaving the manor empty. Time to check out the manor and see if the artifact can be found.

The Night Falcon (NewDark)

by 10 authors

The Night Falcon is a 7 mission campaign in which Garrett is searching for the mysterious statue 'Night Falcon'. The campaign takes place before the events of Thief 2.

Raven Creek (v2)

After having found the pirate treasure I finally had enough gold to retire in style. Here in Raven Creek, a small and peaceful village, I bought a nice cottage and now hold down a new job which is ...


One of my fences has gotten careless and wound up in jail. I would really love to keep using the bugger's services, so I decided he'll owe me a favor. I'll buy off the jail wardens so they let him ...

Recipe for Turmoil

I've got a simple smash and grab planned for this evening to help keep me afloat for a few more weeks. It's a job I was offered by some snobby nobleman who wants my help running a competitor out of...

Sabotage in Eastport

My alliance with Victoria has taken another surprising turn: I was about to prepare for the job at Angelwatch when Larkspur, one of her most trusted agents, paid me a visit late at night. Maybe he...

The Cinder Notes

While searching for more information about the "Book of Ash", Garrett discovered that a group of rich people managed to acquire a few of its pages, known as the “Cinder Notes”. Not only would thes...

Shadows of Death

The final mission brings us to the end of the thief’s path – the Keepers’ Sanctuary.

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