Shadows of Death

The final mission brings us to the end of the thief’s path – the Keepers’ Sanctuary.

Thief's Rising - Gold Edition

In this campaign you play a new character I chose to call Reuben for no specific reason. Set shortly after the demise of the Hag, in a new city on an island far off the shore of the Audale Docks, w...

Night of Trickster

by 3 authors

Liton's patience is over so I'm on the streets again. I can manage it but someone robbed my attic! There is only one man who can pick my locks. It's Simon. This night I'll have to pay a visit to hi...

Veil of Deceit

by 3 authors

Dunver gave me the list of moneybags from North Quarter yesterday as promised and informed me that some mysterious murders are happening in the Old Quarter. All suspicions are on Lord Cooper, but h...

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