Perilous Refuge

There's a dank, rundown shanty of a port named Wrecker's Reach on the fringes of what can still be considered civilised lands. Sometime long ago it might've been widely known, under a name now forg...

Merchant's Manor

An associate of mine informed me that local merchant just had his hands on new invention. Prototype of lenses that enhance Watcher's abilities somehow and detailed schematics that can be used to pr...

Compulsory Egress

It’s not often I get such a good tip from idle gossip. For weeks I heard rumours that the run-down southern town of Navenvolk was awash with fears of an imminent crisis. I didn’t pay them much at...

Hidden Hands 2: Vitalic Fever

by multiple authors

Prevent a mad scientist from selling his most recent formula to the highest bidder, do the job of a pest terminator and grab some loot.

A Night in Old Quarter

"Well Mr. Garrett, I think you know what's due this Monday." With these words my landlord greeted me, again! Alright, seems like it is about time to earn my rent... There seems to be somethin...

Les Paolis

You are hired by a clan chef to solve some delicate matters that can only be handled by your Thief skills. This time you have a mission in France, a territory not yet conquered by the Engish peopl...

Deadly Cure

This mission takes place between the events of Thief 1 and Thief 2. "I've heard a rumor about a very valuable coin that a travelling collector brought to the city. It was said to be on exhibiti...

Chronicles of Skulduggery 2: A Precarious Position

A local Brooksdale alderman and childhood acquaintance of mine, Miles Harewell, 'happened' upon me last night down at my local tavern. Apparently, he has to defend his position on the borough coun...


The plot is one of the possible scenarios after the completion of the original trilogy.

William Steele 5: Commerce Bank

Steele visits Commerce Bank, looking for incriminating evidence stored away by Captain Marston of the City Watch.

Marsh of Rahena

This is the story about the fate of my family. My uncle, Ralph Mac Roberts, is the baron of a keep nestled deep within the Rahenaen marshes. It was once an important outpost tasked with guardin...

Shadows of Northdale ACT II

Tonight you will be visiting the Grimwood district to follow your first lead, the mysterious tablet.

Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood

by multiple authors

Crime has gone out of control in your neighbourhood, but after your beloved's life is threatened you cannot sit idly by anymore. It's time to clean up the neighbourhood, and the first step, taking ...

Hidden Hands: Initiation

Infiltrate and explore the extraordinary places on Blackstone Island in order to become a full member of the mysterious "Hidden Hands".

The Night of Reluctant Benefaction

Tis the season to right your wrongs, and to get to know thy neighbor.

The Upward Spiral

A couple of years ago a band of thieves raided some rich nobleman's house in some remote part of town. The details of the heist elude me, but I know that among the spoils was a particular arcane to...