Thief: Deadly Shadows happened 20 years ago

Thief: Deadly Shadows, a great game by Ion Storm, was released on 25 May 2004, which is 20 years ago.

To celebrate this anniversary, we have just deployed some website updates:

1. Better navigation menu - Our navigation menu consisted of several unused areas. "Games" menu was totally redundant. All Thief Guild users-related pages are now contained inside "The Guild" menu. This menu leads to content created by website users, so "Work in Progress Projects" section was removed from this menu and is available in other areas.

BONUS: Quick shortcuts are now available on the front page:

Most Popular FMs, Best FMs, Original Missions, ... etc.

Right under your fingertips.

New "The Guild" menu section was previously named "Community".

2. You all are the Community! - The "Community" menu link now leads totally elsewhere!

"Community" is now a true link portal page, that leads to all important Thief and related places on the Internet!

You all are the Thief fanbase community. By the occasion of TDS anniversary, I wanted to express my true love to all the people on different websites and networks out there. That includes both retired community activists, and active creators or portals. All of them are important and should be easily accessible to others! I tried to place all notable links that I am aware of, or remember. If I forgot about someone of you - I'm sorry! Just leave me a private message and I will add it!

3. Better search box - Inside at last! (Garrett in mission 1 of The Dark Project)

The search box is now inside the navigation bar - reachable from every page on the portal!

4. Last but not least - an easter egg is hidden on the website - did you manage find it? :)

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