Raven Creek (v2)

After having found the pirate treasure I finally had enough gold to retire in style. Here in Raven Creek, a small and peaceful village, I bought a nice cottage and now hold down a new job which is ...

Mission 3 aka. Shadows of the Past Mission 3

Garrett is making some inquiries in the mansion of Lord Bourlemus

Pirate's Ahoy!

Garrett had to leave the city and is searching for a pirate treasure.

Unusual Conditions

When Garrett entered his home one night, he was surprised by the local guard. While he managed to escape, he had to leave his equipment behind. Now he has arrived in the neighbouring city and despe...

A Winter's Night

You have arrived in a nice little town and you're looking for a weapons cache and a valuable diamond...


After your arrest, there's only one thing to do: escape!

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