"One Million Units" Contest Missions Released

The contest announced on October 1st is now (partially) started. Brethren released the first batch of authors that managed to get missions done on time:

Alcazar by Schlock (with much help from Squadfroinx), Thief Gold
A Midsummer Night`s Heist by Rotten Burrick of a Master, Thief 2
The Perdurance by Skejven, Thief 2
Sinister Night by Terra, Thief 2
The Turning of the Leaves by nicked, Thief 2

The contest is inspired by the old Komag contest, which required smaller FMs created in a 2-3 month time period.

It is possible that 3 more missions will be released in the coming week.

Check original TTLG post here.

Browse the contest mission list here.

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