All Contest Missions Available

Four new missions have been released today:

The Cinder Notes by Anonymous, Thief 2
Nightwalk by Pookaball, Thief Gold
Recipe for Turmoil by Anonymous, Thief Gold
Sabotage in Eastport by Intruder, Thief 2

For completeness, here is again the first batch released January 1st:

Alcazar by Schlock (with much help from Squadfroinx), Thief Gold
A Midsummer Night`s Heist by Rotten Burrick of a Master, Thief 2
The Perdurance by Skejven, Thief 2
Sinister Night by Terra, Thief 2
The Turning of the Leaves by nicked, Thief 2

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You can browse all 9 contest missions on Thief Guild here.