The Art behind Thief

Inside At Last is the "one and only" Thief related podcast, run by Nex, Lord Soth and Supremcee.

The podcast started in November 2019. Since then, we were able to meet different Thief players, creators and, most of all, some important personalities. Purah (YouTube Link) or ... Stephen Russell (YouTube Link), to name two.

In this episode, Supremcee is joined by Daniel Thron, who had a major role in the creation process of the art for the original Thief Games. "Also I was joined by the amazing, Thief inspired artist, Dominus and Skacky who added so many questions and material to the discussion." - we read in the episode description.

Dominus is a very talented artist. Some of his works are used here as Thief Guild website background (see front page footer). Recently, his contribution to upcoming campaign, The Black Parade, was revealed with a fantastic poster. Skacky, a well-known FM creator that needs no introduction, is the lead builder of this huge 10 extensive missions project. See the published poster, as well as other artworks in original post on TTLG here.

You can listen to the episode above, or click here.

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