Thief 2: The Metal Age 20th Anniversary Contest

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Thief 2: The Metal Age, TTLG organized a contest where participants had one year to build one or more missions in the style of the original game and using mostly stock assets.

There are 8 missions now, but we should expect the list to be updated with about 3 or more entries, in next few days.

UPDATE: In the end, 11 missions were submitted.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the original deadline was relaxed by a few days to give those struggling to meet it a little extra time. We have 8 stellar missions being released today, with several more expected in the next four days (likely 3 more, barring any surprise entries).

says Yandros, one of the two organizers - the other one being skacky.

The official download of the missions is provided by Brethren and can be found here with a mirror here.

IMPORTANT: You have to update to T2Fix 1.27b or later and run the missions using NewDarkloader, AngelLoader or FMSel. If you update using T2Fix, it is recommended to disable all optional features.

You should also disable/uninstall all higher quality 3D model packs and HD textures

Check the original post releasing all the missions here!

Seeing as this is a contest, you taffers get to vote for your favorite mission. The voting period starts on Saturday, Mar 28 and will last until June 28, 2020. Mission voting is presented as 3 categories worth 10 points each — Atmosphere, Gameplay and Story - or a general score of 30 without categories. Voters can choose either system to score missions. Be advised that judges may deduct up to 5 points per submission if contest rules were broken.

Voting will start on Mar 28, 2020 and a link to the voting page will be posted in above post and on Thief Guild portal.

Browse all the missions in the directory here.