Stream Robots Invasion

It has been a long time since the last update on our website. This is because two things: 1. I don't really have much time for website administration lately and 2. when I work on Thief Guild, I spend my time on developing new features. Some of them take really too much time. Speaking of which, as promised, here is a new exciting feature!

Let me introduce you Stream Robots. They are pretty like the steam robots from Thief II: The Metal Age, but instead of consuming steam, they feed on different streams and gather useful data for us.

The first Stream Robot which already did his first job is Lord Lockpick. He is just a regular robot, checking out most important websites in our network. After visiting a page, he will extract important data from it and store into our database. Don't worry, he will not take over our site. He will just be, in some cases, more useful than a few administrators. He will take care of missing data, like fanmission download links, which is quite popular problem in our database right now.