Gathering at the Bar

We are happy to inform you that Thief Guild Team had a very nice intimate meeting with two other Polish fandom network contributors - we met with SPIDIvonMARDER, a moderator of Polish Thief Forum and Dziarsky, an administrator of Polish Thief Portal. It's not easy to meet when one group lives in far northern Poland and the other group in far southern side of the country - but we show that it is possible! The gathering took place in a cozy bar in the heart of Poland - in Warsaw. We had a good beer, good laugh and a good talk about Thief series and related games. We all unanimously agreed that the Polish fandom scene consists of many commited and talented individuals.

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PS. News title relates to small fan mission Gathering at the Bar :) The mission is an exceptional example of modding as it is available for both platforms: TDP oraz TMA, which we also present with links between these two entries. TMA version was made by conversion.

PPS. Yes, Gathering at the Bar authors are also co-authors of CoSaS 1: Gathering at the Inn.