Collector's Update

I'm a collector, Mr Garrett.

This famous quote is an inspiration for our July 2021 Update - Mission Collections!

After spending dozens of late evening hours, I am finally happy to present to you something I wanted to have long long time ago already.

With Mission Collections update, you're now able to keep private or public lists of favorites or of anything else you want, like:

  • watchlists
  • your check-ins
  • "Currently Playing"
  • "Replay Needed" / "Hard Replay Needed" / "Expert Replay Needed"
  • "Ghosted" / "Ghostable" / "Non-ghostable"
  • anything

Features of this update include:

  • CREATE your own collections of FMs, share them or keep them in your private library. Check any mission page top right corner nearby rating section to create your first list or add mission to a list / favorites with no effort.
  • EASILY order missions in your collection, if your list needs that. Click menu button at the top right corner of your collection page and choose "Set order".
  • KILLER list display that displays all important details in a compact and readable form.
  • ADDITIONALLY order your collections inside your collection library. Which collections are more important than others?
  • FOLLOW anyone's collections
  • LET FOLLOW your collections by making them public
  • BEAUTIFUL aesthetic fix for FM "card" display - no more margins around miniature covers in FM list, along with some other improvements towards website looking better on mobile devices

See all public collections here.