The plot is one of the possible scenarios after the completion of the original trilogy.

Life of the Party: Winter Edition

LOTP Winter Edition is exactly what it says - an OM that has been made into a winter themed mission. Includes snow, snowballs and snowman.

An Adventure in Easport

I have heard that the Mechanists are launching a new project, much more complex that Cetus Amicus. It's time to visit the newest Mechanist temple in Eastport.

The Focus

I just made a bad dream. The Eye was floating in front of me, so close it was taking all the space so I could not see anything but It. Then it began to get brighter and brighter until I was complet...

Underground Escape

About a year ago, Garrett left the city; the corruption and cruelty was too much, even for a hardened Thief, such as himself. Living in the country, though, Garrett hasn't found much to rob - he de...

The Art of Thievery

This mission takes place around the start of Thief2. Before Garrett knows too much about the Mechanists. Its mid summer, and the last rays of the sun are disappearing slowly behind the horizon....

Space Thief

Garrett's in space! While prowling around an old Mechanist building, he came across a space ship of sorts. The next morning, donning the garb of a Mechanist, he sneaks aboard. Big mistake! ****...