The Guild

Last weekend we were quite busy. We already have more than 10 registered users! Thank You all so much for Your interest in website use and willing to help with its development! Most of You are just regular users, but we already have a few fan mission authors! You can find them by checking out the Most Recent Members section - the accounts that are confirmed by e-mail or by forum have this little blue glyph of "official creator account". We will be testing the fan mission management features with those taffers! Available soon!

Now regarding us, we worked on the website a lot. Our website runs in English and Polish language from the very beginning. Now, to reach more fan mission players, we work on the Russian language too! It should be available quite soon. For the features, the website has been improved a bit since the last time we write here. Now the user profiles are more descriptive - you can see latest ratings, comments and published change suggestions. Stay tuned - the number of functions on the profile page will grow soon! As a user you can decide which of these are visible on your profile to the public, by visiting the profile settings.

By rating fan missions and improving their descriptions you actually help us to find out which of them are the most important. This results in figuring out which database entries need to be improved in the first step - we will provide a full description of such missions as soon as possible, we promise!

Thank You for being with us and for giving us the reason to have quite a nice party last weekend!

Konrad , Kiniova and Kretowski