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We are proud to announce that you are now able to join us and be one of the Thief Guild members!

Since quite a long time we work on the website as a team of a few people. Now you are able to join us and help us to shape the future of the fan mission database.

With an user account you are able to:

  • suggest changes in fan mission directory on a wiki basis
  • add new information to fan mission directory, also, on a wiki basis
  • comment, review and discuss other fan mission related topics

and last but not least

  • you are able to rate the missions in one place.

Knowing which mission was already played and which of them were the most fun is sometimes very important. Especially when you didn't played any mission for a long time and want to go back and play with these priceless artifacts once again!

We know how important it is, that's why plan to add more features allowing you to review fan missions better, group them however you like and share more gameplay with other players.

Come and be a member of the guild where both creators and players share the same objective: the best missions for the World's Greatest Thief.

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