21st Anniversary of LGS Closing

On 25th of May 2021 we hear from Mike Chrzanowski who reminds us that 21 years ago this day was a sad day for Looking Glass Studios as the company was closed on May 24, 2000, due to lack of funding.

Mike worked on Thief Gold, Thief II, and the unreleased Thief II Gold. He finished the Mage Tower level in TG and built Shipping and Receiving, and Blackmail levels in T2. As he wrote on TTLG forums, throughout his time at Looking Glass he took many pictures. He decided to share them for this occasion.

I have some great pics from picnics and parties. There are also a few screenshots from an unfinished T2G level. I even found my design document.

You can find all shared photos on Imgur here: https://imgur.com/user/LGMikeC

Looking Glass Studio - THIEF Unreleased / Cut Content

The unreleased mission Tollgate College document is also around in the net:

[Mirror] [Mirror]

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