Alcazar wins the One Million Units Contest

Alcazar won the One Million Units Contest!

One million applauses!

The mission won with score 26.84 / 30


The tally is as follows:

(FM, authors, score)

1. Alcazar, Schlock & Squadafroin, 26.84.
2. The Turning of the Leaves, nicked, 26.34.
3. A Midsummer Night's Heist, skacky, 25.29.
4. The Cinder Notes, DrK, 25.21.
5. Recipe for Turmoil, Psych0sis, 22.82
6. The Perdurance, Skejven, 22.14.
7. Sabotage at Eastport, Intruder, 21.84.
8. Sinister Night, Terra, 16.36.
9. Nightwalk, Pookaball, 16.19.

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Around the time of publishing of the contest results, a new Inside At Last podcast episode arrived!

In this episode, Brethren himself joins the guys to give a review over all contest entries.

Inside At Last is the "one and only" Thief related podcast.

Check the episode post on TTLG here.


As always... Thank you for all your missions!