Beasts Cave/Natural Tunnels City (and 9 genres more)

As a thief with a reputation for success, it's easy to bite off more than I can chew. Over the years I've received more job offers than I could possibly complete and, as age has become less shy in ...

The 7th Crystal

Mansion/Estate Mystery/Detective Phobic (Spiders/Heights) (and 2 genres more)

I'm at the Saturnine Mansion this evening and let me tell you, the circumstances of my inevitable leaving are indeed bittersweet.I'm afraid I've just run through the place and made quite a mess (bo...

The Death of Garrett

Cave/Natural Tunnels Escape Phobic (Spiders/Heights) (and one genre more)

I was approached by a thief named Bok who wanted to work with me on a job he said was too tough to pull off by himself. I usually work alone, but I wanted to find out what kind of work my competit...