Downtowne Funk

City Thieves/Thieves Guild

That night a week ago when Ramirez' creeps tried to kill me, and took out poor Farkus instead - and I got inside his mansion and stole the purse right off his belt - the old warden later wound up d...

In & Out

Hammerite Maw Sewer (and 2 genres more)

The Trickster is dead, and I can now return to my usual life of thievery. Yesterday, my landlord reminded me that the rent is due, further hinting that the world-saving adventures are finally over....

Rose Garden

Assassination City Thieves Highway/Rooftop (and one genre more)

Welcome back, old friend! Do you still dare call yourself a master thief, or are the rumours true that you have lost your edge? No matter! The news I have for you should quicken the heartbeat ...

Upside Down

Humour Mansion/Estate Non-Garrett Player (and 2 genres more)

A funny little experimental mission in which it is proposed that you change your profession.

Circle of Stone and Shadow 2: Mission X

Miscellaneous Buildings Non-Garrett Player Thieves/Thieves Guild

I am Pavlovscat. Until now, my role has been behind the scenes doing research and keeping The Circle’s copious files organized and accessible. This is my closest involvement thus far with a live mi...

Relic - Left for Dead

Cave/Natural Tunnels Keepers Mystery/Detective (and 6 genres more)

You awake from a shallow grave, you have foggy memories at best but it seems as though somebody has tried to do you in but failed. You're in a strange swamp with no idea of how you got here or whe...