In & Out

Hammerite Maw Sewer (and 2 genres more)

The Trickster is dead, and I can now return to my usual life of thievery. Yesterday, my landlord reminded me that the rent is due, further hinting that the world-saving adventures are finally over....

Shadow Politics

City Mansion/Estate Sewer (and one genre more)

This FM takes place between Thieves' Guild and The Sword. "After the Ramirez and the Downwind Guild jobs, I decided to keep a low profile for some time in order to strengthen my network of acqua...

The Art of Thievery

Jail/Prison Mansion/Estate Mechanist (and one genre more)

This mission takes place around the start of Thief2. Before Garrett knows too much about the Mechanists. Its mid summer, and the last rays of the sun are disappearing slowly behind the horizon....