Hidden Hands: Initiation

Mansion/Estate Outdoor/Forest Relic/Artifact/Talisman

Infiltrate and explore the extraordinary places on Blackstone Island in order to become a full member of the mysterious "Hidden Hands".

Darkstone Gem chapter 2, part 3: Point of Entry

Outdoor/Forest Relic/Artifact/Talisman

The story follows the events in 'Unexpected Detour'. Garrett finally reaches the other side of the mountains and is closer to finding the Trickster temple.


Beasts Cave/Natural Tunnels City (and 9 genres more)

As a thief with a reputation for success, it's easy to bite off more than I can chew. Over the years I've received more job offers than I could possibly complete and, as age has become less shy in ...

The Mirror of Return

Castle/Fortress Cave/Natural Tunnels Lost Civilizations (and 4 genres more)

Well, some things do change over the course of time! Just as my pursuers thought they'd caught me, I escaped again. I’m feeling almost bad about poor Orin, but at least that bloody Nestor got w...

Lord of the Thieves: Attack of the Orcs

Castle/Fortress Cave/Natural Tunnels Mines/Man-made Tunnel (and one genre more)

Last night I got a letter from the Keepers: Garrett, We need your help again. Yesterday evening an army of orcs sieged and took the city of Nahoras. We think this was the first step of a mast...

The Seven Sisters

Beasts Cave/Natural Tunnels City (and 3 genres more)

A few months have passed since Garrett helped Basso and Jenivere escape together. They are now happily married and have settled down in a small town close to the city: East Fording, where Basso dec...

Relic - Left for Dead

Cave/Natural Tunnels Keepers Mystery/Detective (and 6 genres more)

You awake from a shallow grave, you have foggy memories at best but it seems as though somebody has tried to do you in but failed. You're in a strange swamp with no idea of how you got here or whe...