The plot is one of the possible scenarios after the completion of the original trilogy.

Choose Your Own Adventure

You can play two missions: a short ski mission and a mission where you steal a gem from a haunted place.

Sepulchre of the Sinistral

A few days ago, a contact of mine informed me that a spy had some information for me. Apparently this spy has been slowly relieving the Hammerites of their possessions. His name is Alexei, a rath...


This mission takes place in a maze with many water-vators. The goal is to find the five Dragon Stones and then get out. It was churned out in a matter of days and is far from polished, but given...

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet... A maze of traps, rooms, and beasts. Only one way out. Find the 4 levers and escape through the gates. You only have 500 in loot. There are 5 keys, each costing 500. Your starting eq...

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