Heart And Soul

Mages Relic/Artifact/Talisman Tombs/Catacombs/Crypts

I found a letter on my mantlepiece. It read, 'Dear Mr. Garrett, We know about your foray into the Bonehoard some months ago. The High Priest has chosen to overlook this. However, during ...

Order of the Dew

City Mages Relic/Artifact/Talisman

It's that time of month again, it won't be long before the landlord comes knocking for his rent. I contacted one of my informants hoping to find an easy job. What he gave me was... interesting. He ...

Breaking the Stone

City Daylight Horror (and 3 genres more)

A satchel found its way into my residence recently, and that leaves me uneasy. The contents included a map to a town called Meliae, a sealed letter, a second letter addressed to myself, and 3,000 i...