The Painter's Wife

by 20 authors

My old friend Andreas urgently needs my help. He asked if I could meet him at the Lion's Head Inn, our favourite retreat in a quaint part of the city called Mirkway Quarter. He’s got a small apartm...

Snowed Inn

A mysterious town visitor. A hunger stricken town. An unfinished snowman. It's time to set these things right.

Shadows of Northdale Act 2

Tonight you will be visiting the Grimwood district to follow your first lead, the mysterious tablet.

Shadows of Northdale Act 1

by 3 authors

A murder took place close to your home and even though you now live as a retired and wealthy thief, you decide to dust off your old gear and go and investigate the murder.

The Accountant 1: Thieves and Heirs

After being sold out by an old associate, you're now wanted by the citywatch. The only way out of the city is through a fence who recently contacted you. But he wants you to do a job for him first,...

Mission 1: A New Job

by 8 authors

Time for a bit of burglary. This mission introduces new players to the setting and gameplay of TDM. Start here after you get comfortable with the controls in the Training Mission.

The Accountant 2: New in Town

Picking up right where the accountant 1 left off, you meet with your fence to give him his necklace but unfortunately he changed his part of the bargain. Now you need to find another way out of the...

The Accountant Prologue: A Noble Home

A recent bad experience has left you with an urgent need to leave the city. You received an offer from a fence who has a way to smuggle you out, but you've got to do to a job for him first. Tonig...

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