Rendering Demo

Hmm, the exits from this street are mysteriously blocked off. But that rabbit hole looks tempting...

The Deceptive Sceptre

A small sized level that has you reclaiming Bafford's sceptre from a small hamlet.

A Noble Death

Cutty's been approached by a man wanting my services to rid him of an enemy. This kind of thing isn'tmy style and normally I'd have told Cutty to turn him down, but he's offering a very respectable...

Poor Lord Bafford

Lord Bafford, the wealthiest man around, has supposedly gone broke on gambling, I know that this is false. Cutty's given me the real story. Bafford is hiding all of his loot at his country home. ...

Down We Go!

A medium sized level that has you stealing from a dead wizard's tomb. Two or three known glitches.

Guardhouse 1

Steal a golden skull from upstairs and gather 800 worth of loot.


Not a map. Not a level. What would probably describe this "level" would be a comment: "No Comments." It's freaky, it's fast and it's small. A small demonstration of what gravity and physics can do.

Default Mission

A small sample default map. You can use this as a base to build other levels.

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