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A Meteor made a big hole in the floor and out popped some people. They got silly voices and they can also float! They deserve to die, so Kill 'em, kill 'em all!

The Deceptive Sceptre

A small sized level that has you reclaiming Bafford's sceptre from a small hamlet.

Walkin Da Moon !

Well, it seems that the Mechanists have invented a machine that can go to the Moon. The problem is that I want to go in there, all people in the city speak that the Moon is full of gold. I don't kn...


OK... Once again you hear rumors that the Mechanists are running a top secret project and the pagans have some information about it. You go into the nearby forest, find a portal and... you suddenly...

The Tower of Jorge!!

This is the most exciting job of your entire career! You are going to break into the Tower of Jorge and STEAL THE LOOT! WOW! An AMAZING ADVENTURE of EPIC PROPORTIONS awaits you, Garrett! Are you r...

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