Default Mission

A small sample default map. You can use this as a base to build other levels.


Not a map. Not a level. What would probably describe this "level" would be a comment: "No Comments." It's freaky, it's fast and it's small. A small demonstration of what gravity and physics can do.

Down We Go!

A medium sized level that has you stealing from a dead wizard's tomb. Two or three known glitches.

Guardhouse 1

Steal a golden skull from upstairs and gather 800 worth of loot.

A Noble Death

Cutty's been approached by a man wanting my services to rid him of an enemy. This kind of thing isn'tmy style and normally I'd have told Cutty to turn him down, but he's offering a very respectable...

Poor Lord Bafford

Lord Bafford, the wealthiest man around, has supposedly gone broke on gambling, I know that this is false. Cutty's given me the real story. Bafford is hiding all of his loot at his country home. ...

Rendering Demo

Hmm, the exits from this street are mysteriously blocked off. But that rabbit hole looks tempting...

Gathering at the Bar

by 3 authors

If you have followed my instructions, by the time you read this, you should be well on your way to the Grieving Burrick Inn. Remember when that Thief Garrett stole the scepter of fat Lord Baffo...

Mice R Us

Evil mage, Tyball jr. has cast the spell of mouseness upon Garrett.


Small example for use with ThiefLoader

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