Secret Breaking of a Pyramid

All the same Garrett has dared to go to girl-friend Zoe home To Egypt. When it to it has arrived that it to it very much was delighted! They have lived together couple of days and here Zoe has tol...

The Mask of Agamemnon

Lara discovers a fragment of an ancient Greek manuscript which suggests that there is an extension to the area known as St. Francis’ Folly, inaccessible from the area she had previously visited and...

A Long Way Down

Shortly after escaping Angelwatch with the goods, Garrett takes a wrong turn on the thieves' highway, and ends up in an unfamiliar part of town. What's worse, he can't even see the streets from up ...

Bad Man

the lord Ramirez stole the horn of Quintas and put it in his house. take it back!

Chuffy Train

A train has got stuck inside a tunnel after a rockfall blocking both ends of the tunnel. (It's pretty dark in there now!) You were also aboard the train when this happened, because you were hiding ...


Keep in mind, this is NOT a serious mission. This is only for the Total Crap contest, thus... it is appropriately, total crap.

Hammerite Hideout

The mission takes place in a cursed hammerite hideout,where Garrett needs to find Tommy's medallion.

Having Regrets

You made a good haul tonight, but now you're having regrets. Do the right thing and return all stolen goods to their rightful owners. Shame on you Garrett.

House Rob!

This mission is an entry for Brother Renault's Dromed Total Crap FM Contest. - There's this magnificent house that you want to rob. go ahead.


It was a long day taffin’ around the city then you got a BIG BIG Headache, After gulpin’ some Aspirin you just fall on the bed and…… Uhh, What you said ?..! No aspirin in the Middle Ages ? ….we...

Kill Factory

You're in charge of the Kill Factory. Productivity is low and the boss is watching!!! Fire all the slackers, and call it a day.

Kill the Guard

Kill the Guard

OMG, Get Your BJ Back! LOL

OMG those crappy bluecotes stoel you're blackjack and wont give it back LOL!!1! Now its time 2 take you're revenge on them!! Get you're sword, leave the hotel and kill all the cops in town!! ...

Quamtotius Purgamentum

Garrett's evil twin brother Barratt has grassed up our hero to Sheriff Gorman Truart who has seen to it that Garrett will spend the next few years doing a little bird. Quelle horreur! Our hero's we...

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