Shadow Play


Just last week some miners uncovered a catacomb beneath the mountains near Cragscleft dating back to time before the City. Most of the artifacts are being taken to museums, or destroyed by the...

The Burning Bedlam

Hammerite Mines/Man-made Tunnel Ruins (and one genre more)

Garrett owes his fence Adolpho a favor. Adolpho has asked Garrett to enter the Old Quarter to find his brother, Araphin. This task consists of exploring mines and sewers to find access to a derelic...

The Hunt, Part 1: Search


Yesterday, your new fence told you about a job offer that just came in. Apparently, a merchant named Marlon was looking to acquire something that he wanted to sell to a prominent client. While you ...

The Lost City of Gazing Glass

Escape Lost Civilizations

You screwed up this time. It was supposed to be a simple hammerite chapel burglary just out of the city, but the terrible scream of a hammerite that caught you as you pierced a sword through his...

The Scarlet Cascabel

Horror Houses/Cottages/Apartments Miscellaneous Buildings (and one genre more)

It's about time I visited an old friend of mine. I received a letter from Wendolyn, who used to run with Basso and me back in the old days. She's been lying low for last few years, running a mo...

The Sound of a Burrick in a Room

Cave/Natural Tunnels City Mansion/Estate

An associate of mine has learned through his sources that a certain noblewoman in Downtowne, Lady Blexham, has a little burrick problem. She heard sounds coming from an unspecified room in her m...

The Tomb of Saint Tennor

Cathedral Monastery/Priory/Seminary Tombs/Catacombs/Crypts (and one genre more)

I got a tip about an abandoned Hammerite monastery located in the mountains outside the city. It's rumored to be haunted so there should be plenty of loot still lying around. The monastery featu...

The Whistling of the Gears

City Factory/Facility Sabotage (and one genre more)

I’m not the kind to do anything else but steal, but when the nobility has nothing that’s worth hiring someone like me I must and another way to all my landlord’s pockets with money. I decided to ac...

Ultimate Burglary


The city has grown in recent years. The wealthy people have become richer and those with little have become poorer. It'sabout time to commit the ultimate burglary. Besides a few special objects of ...

Mortuos Liber Campaign


Garrett was on his way to a friend in old Quarter when he passing this little town. He heard a couple on the street talking about a rare and valuable ring. It belongs to Sheriff Argus. He has a man...

Darkstone Gem chapter 2, part 3: Point of Entry

Outdoor/Forest Relic/Artifact/Talisman

The story follows the events in 'Unexpected Detour'. Garrett finally reaches the other side of the mountains and is closer to finding the Trickster temple.

Mission of Mercy


A new plague threatens Bridgeport. There are rumors of a cure - let's see if you can find it, and get it to the people who deserve it.

William Steele 4: The Warrens

The quarantined low-rent district

Lord Alexander's Mansion


Rumor has it that Lord Alexander owns a prized scepter that has been passed down through the generations. I have experience stealing scepters and this one is guaranteed to be more valuable than the...

Braeden Church


Braeden Church, in Father Grimmore's time

The Fall of Anduin Karol

Mansion/Estate Mystery/Detective

Knock to my door woke me up. Three long and three short knocks. Urgent. An envelope slipped under my door signed by a City master spy and a small note attatched to it which said: "Ferre and L...

Cracks in the Glass

City Surreal/Bizarre Thieves Highway/Rooftop

Seems like the business has hit a low point again. I haven’t had many jobs lately, and only a few of them ended up being lucrative. Naturally, I’d take any chance to earn some quick cash these days...