Now and Then

A famous painting is on display at the local museum. Time to become an art collector!

Chronicles of Skulduggery 3: Sacricide

Things certainly took a turn for the interesting after my little escapades at the Watch station. As I was going to drop off Miles' cache and blackmail I was ambushed by the Raven. It turns out that...


Times are rough, as Toxic rock is spewing from the earth. Volcanoes are active, and water and land creatures are dying of Toxic poisoning. Food and water are scarce. The cities are suffering from ...

Tears of St. Lucia, The

This map was the second "alpha release" of The Dark Mod, and has been updated for TDM 1.01. In ToSL, you are hired to rob a Builder Church. This church has recently been attracting a lot of attenti...

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