Cracks in the Glass

City Surreal/Bizarre Thieves Highway/Rooftop

Seems like the business has hit a low point again. I haven’t had many jobs lately, and only a few of them ended up being lucrative. Naturally, I’d take any chance to earn some quick cash these days...


5 minute Wonders Humour Surreal/Bizarre

It was a long day taffin’ around the city then you got a BIG BIG Headache, After gulpin’ some Aspirin you just fall on the bed and…… Uhh, What you said ?..! No aspirin in the Middle Ages ? ….we...

Relic - Left for Dead

Cave/Natural Tunnels Keepers Mystery/Detective (and 6 genres more)

You awake from a shallow grave, you have foggy memories at best but it seems as though somebody has tried to do you in but failed. You're in a strange swamp with no idea of how you got here or whe...