The plot is one of the possible scenarios after the completion of the original trilogy.

Defamation of Character

In my line of work it pays to keep a low profile. That's why it irks me that there are posters all over the City now - wanted posters, with my face on them, courtesy of the City Watch. They've beco...

Short Night's Work, A

I had the strangest encounter of my successful thieving career the other night. While sipping a draft beer at the McHenry’s Pub, I was approached by 3 local nobles. My first reaction was this must ...

Waterfront Racket

by multiple authors

A classic noir detective story set in a 1940s style world

The Seven Shades of Mercury

by multiple authors

My name is Shivan. I am an acolyte at the Excantium Academia, where we endure a grueling education and indoctrination into the Hammerite Legion here on the island of Tallia. It is the night of grad...


by multiple authors

Talim. In the old toungue that means, "Where water meets sky." This very spot was the first place that explorers from inland saw the ocean. My parents brought me here when I was still very little. ...

Calendra's Legacy

by multiple authors

Calendra's Legacy begins immediately after the Cistern ends...the very same night as a matter of fact. Garrett is restless. He stirs in his sleep. The Cylix of Jortul gleams in the gush of pre...