This mission takes Garrett outside of the city and into the day. The air is crisp and the sky is blue, but there is still thieving to do! A man named Barry has contacted Garrett to get back his st...

Reverse Robbery

Yesterday the Blackrose Bank got robbed. Unfortunately, that's MY bank. Someone broke through a wall in the basement, got right into the vault, and escaped with a good bit of coin. The Baron has...

Second City Bank

I received a tip from the pagans. The Mechanists are keeping their plans in a deposit box at second City Bank and Trust. They've given me a copy of the key, I didn't ask how they managed to retrie...

Blackgrove Manor

Lord Blackgrove recently purchased a rare expensive artifact. The whole family has now disappeared leaving the manor empty. Time to check out the manor and see if the artifact can be found.

The Factory Heist

Workers at a factory have unearthed a buried building beneath. Sneak in, find a way down there, and loot it for antique treasure!

My Favorite Year

I've been contacted by a client who's tasked me with retrieving a sample of special wine from a nobleman by the name of Bernard Serendeli. I've tracked down Bernard to his residence in Eastern Ways...

Time For Change

Tonight your job is to sneak through the Bluntsword's police station and go to the district where Sir Dicklon and Lady Brenegart live. They both have a special item that I want. Sir Dicklon has a h...

Perilous Refuge

There's a dank, rundown shanty of a port named Wrecker's Reach on the fringes of what can still be considered civilised lands. Sometime long ago it might've been widely known, under a name now forg...

Mission of Mercy

A new plague threatens Bridgeport. There are rumors of a cure - let's see if you can find it, and get it to the people who deserve it.

Shadows of Northdale Act 1

by 3 authors

A murder took place close to your home and even though you now live as a retired and wealthy thief, you decide to dust off your old gear and go and investigate the murder.

Waterfront Racket

by 7 authors

A classic noir detective story set in a 1940s style world

The Swindle Job

I had been contacted by one of my old associates to look into a rather intriguing, though simple case. It was about a certain Merchant Ravensmill, who ran a dockside operation in a remote part of t...

The Cash Box

A mysterious benefactor has hired me to break into an abandoned warehouse and steal an item located in the office safe. The only problem? He didn't tell me what that item is. But for what he's p...

Thief's Rising - Gold Edition

In this campaign you play a new character I chose to call Reuben for no specific reason. Set shortly after the demise of the Hag, in a new city on an island far off the shore of the Audale Docks, w...

Rightful Property

An arranged deal involving a mysterious orb you stole beforehand was busted by the Builders. Your former "friend" took a flight with it. You tracked him down in the Seaside Inn near the docks, so i...

Lingering Whispers

Some time has passed since Garrett sabotaged Karras's plans to destroy all life. The loss of their leader and the revealed fanaticism of their faith have caused Mechanists to fall out of favor, all...

Being Thief

- Be Smart, Be Quiet, Be Garrett -

A Night's Profit

Things have changed since my last "visit" to Rampone's warehouses in the docks. It seems like the Rampone brothers have split up and each of them is running his own business now. Jason Rampone foun...

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