The Sister

Garrett received a letter from his old friend Timan. Something Timan wrote knocked Garrett a little off balance, and set him thinking. He claimed that Garrett has a sister named Ula. Can it real...

Reunification Campaign

It has been a long evening and I just want to go home to my wife. I hope she is home, I'm not sure because she had spoken about visiting a friend. I am sure she left a note in that case.


Garrett and his girlfriend have been through a lot. First the kidnapping and ransom which eventually led to Garrett dropping through a hole and ending up in Beltzer's mansion. After he cleaned th...

Escape Hammer Hill Revised

I have had myself thrown into a tough prison ("Hammer Hill") to help an old friend, Basso It seems as though the love of his life was brutally attacked, and Basso came to her rescue, but had to kil...

SandBridge Police Station

Your friend Calidore was recently arrested and taken to the SandBridge Police Station.You owe him a favor, so he asked you to break him out. The guards know who you are, so don't let them see you.