Lord G


It's not very busy time recently... I feel like I was not doing this for years. But maybe it's because of me getting older and drinking too much wine... Sometimes I feel the time runs a bit too fas...

Lord Alexander's Mansion


Rumor has it that Lord Alexander owns a prized scepter that has been passed down through the generations. I have experience stealing scepters and this one is guaranteed to be more valuable than the...

The Fall of Anduin Karol

Mansion/Estate Mystery/Detective

Knock to my door woke me up. Three long and three short knocks. Urgent. An envelope slipped under my door signed by a City master spy and a small note attatched to it which said: "Ferre and L...

A Night To Remember


You are blackmailed to steal the blueprints for the airship Gottfried II.

Sir Taffsalot's Sword


Find and return Sir T's stolen sword.

Lord Robert's Painting

City Keepers Mansion/Estate

A wealthy lord by the name of Robert has recently come into possession of a valuable Painting and has it on display in his manor. The manor is heavily guarded so sneaking in will be tough. I'll hav...

Home Sweet Home

City Mansion/Estate

Hey, it's been awhile since I set foot inside here. This place has seen better days. I'm not here to stay, anyway, just long enough to take care of a little job. A man called Sebastian has come ...

Behind Closed Doors

City Mansion/Estate Mystery/Detective

"Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops." - Luke 12:3 The district of Highm...

Shadow Politics

City Mansion/Estate Sewer (and one genre more)

This FM takes place between Thieves' Guild and The Sword. "After the Ramirez and the Downwind Guild jobs, I decided to keep a low profile for some time in order to strengthen my network of acqua...

Upside Down

Humour Mansion/Estate Non-Garrett Player (and 2 genres more)

A funny little experimental mission in which it is proposed that you change your profession.

Lady Mossy

Mansion/Estate Pagan

My fence wants me to steal a Family Scepter from Lady Mossy's Mansion in South Quarter. Well I think it will be done easily. He also showed me a small storehouse, wehere I can get some interesting ...

Ashes and Dust

Mansion/Estate Relic/Artifact/Talisman

I just paid the rent on time so, in celebration, I decided to take the night off and enjoy a nice bottle by the hearth. As usual, for a thief such as myself, such pleasures are seldom accomplished,...

Golden Book


This campaign is a compilation of three previous missions: Golden Book of Keepers, The Last Page and The Eternal Candle.

The Art of Thievery

Jail/Prison Mansion/Estate Mechanist (and one genre more)

This mission takes place around the start of Thief2. Before Garrett knows too much about the Mechanists. Its mid summer, and the last rays of the sun are disappearing slowly behind the horizon....

The 7th Crystal

Mansion/Estate Mystery/Detective Phobic (Spiders/Heights) (and 2 genres more)

I'm at the Saturnine Mansion this evening and let me tell you, the circumstances of my inevitable leaving are indeed bittersweet.I'm afraid I've just run through the place and made quite a mess (bo...

Lord Edmund Entertains!

Mansion/Estate Town

Dear Lady Bernhard. The tenth annual meeting of our small society is at hand, and as usual, I will be acting as the host. I have fully stocked the pantry and prepared for your arrival to the best...