In & Out

Hammerite Maw Sewer (and 2 genres more)

The Trickster is dead, and I can now return to my usual life of thievery. Yesterday, my landlord reminded me that the rent is due, further hinting that the world-saving adventures are finally over....

The Burning Bedlam

Hammerite Mines/Man-made Tunnel Ruins (and one genre more)

Garrett owes his fence Adolpho a favor. Adolpho has asked Garrett to enter the Old Quarter to find his brother, Araphin. This task consists of exploring mines and sewers to find access to a derelic...


Beasts Cave/Natural Tunnels City (and 9 genres more)

As a thief with a reputation for success, it's easy to bite off more than I can chew. Over the years I've received more job offers than I could possibly complete and, as age has become less shy in ...

The Seven Shades of Mercury

Cathedral Forced Ghosting Hammerite (and 3 genres more)

My name is Shivan. I am an acolyte at the Excantium Academia, where we endure a grueling education and indoctrination into the Hammerite Legion here on the island of Tallia. It is the night of grad...

Events in Highrock

City Hammerite Temples (and 2 genres more)

All the mess has began when I escaped from the City to the HighRock town. City's major has organized a big round-up, all my hideout were revealed and I barely escaped his guards. All my stuff remai...

The Vigil

Beasts Cemetery/Graveyard Hammerite

A sequel to 'Lord Edmund Entertains!', this mission takes Garrett gatecrashing into Duke Creygan's funeral. It is recommended you play LEE! first, or you won't understand too much of the plot.