Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood


Crime has gone out of control in your neighbourhood, but after your beloved's life is threatened you cannot sit idly by anymore. It's time to clean up the neighbourhood, and the first step, taking ...

The Night of Reluctant Benefaction

City Holidays Winter/Snow

Tis the season to right your wrongs, and to get to know thy neighbor.

The Upward Spiral

City Daylight Undead

A couple of years ago a band of thieves raided some rich nobleman's house in some remote part of town. The details of the heist elude me, but I know that among the spoils was a particular arcane to...

Catacombs of Knoss

Cathedral City Relic/Artifact/Talisman (and 2 genres more)

A soft knocking woke me from an uneasy sleep. Opening my apartment door with the caution that only a flashbomb up my sleeve and a sharpened sword can bring, I was just in time to see the edge of a ...

Downtowne Funk

City Thieves/Thieves Guild

That night a week ago when Ramirez' creeps tried to kill me, and took out poor Farkus instead - and I got inside his mansion and stole the purse right off his belt - the old warden later wound up d...

Making a Profit

Cathedral City Mansion/Estate

A professional acquaintance of mine, Argaux, got in touch with an offer of a job in Newbridge. He won't give me any details--maybe he's afraid I'll do it on the sly and he'll lose out on ...

Order of the Dew

City Mages Relic/Artifact/Talisman

It's that time of month again, it won't be long before the landlord comes knocking for his rent. I contacted one of my informants hoping to find an easy job. What he gave me was... interesting. He ...

Rose Garden

Assassination City Thieves Highway/Rooftop (and one genre more)

Welcome back, old friend! Do you still dare call yourself a master thief, or are the rumours true that you have lost your edge? No matter! The news I have for you should quicken the heartbeat ...

The Sound of a Burrick in a Room

Cave/Natural Tunnels City Mansion/Estate

An associate of mine has learned through his sources that a certain noblewoman in Downtowne, Lady Blexham, has a little burrick problem. She heard sounds coming from an unspecified room in her m...

The Whistling of the Gears

City Factory/Facility Sabotage (and one genre more)

I’m not the kind to do anything else but steal, but when the nobility has nothing that’s worth hiring someone like me I must and another way to all my landlord’s pockets with money. I decided to ac...

Ultimate Burglary


The city has grown in recent years. The wealthy people have become richer and those with little have become poorer. It'sabout time to commit the ultimate burglary. Besides a few special objects of ...

Mortuos Liber Campaign


Garrett was on his way to a friend in old Quarter when he passing this little town. He heard a couple on the street talking about a rare and valuable ring. It belongs to Sheriff Argus. He has a man...

Cracks in the Glass

City Surreal/Bizarre Thieves Highway/Rooftop

Seems like the business has hit a low point again. I haven’t had many jobs lately, and only a few of them ended up being lucrative. Naturally, I’d take any chance to earn some quick cash these days...

Defamation of Character

City City Watch Forced Ghosting

In my line of work it pays to keep a low profile. That's why it irks me that there are posters all over the City now - wanted posters, with my face on them, courtesy of the City Watch. They've beco...

Chronicles of Skulduggery 1: Pearls and Swine


Sneak into the neighboring borough Clifton Grove and steal a pearl amulet.

Mystery of the Upper Quarter, Mission 1

City Non-Garrett Player

The king of the city had your father killed. Your father lived in the rich upper quarter of the city and was highly respected by everyone. Why he was killed remains a mystery. And what are thos...

Elixir, The


A wealthy lord is selling a secret "elixir" that claims to have beneficial properties for health. A local merchant has heard that this "elixir" is a sham and plans on selling a copied version of it...