The Cinder Notes

While searching for more information about the "Book of Ash", Garrett discovered that a group of rich people managed to acquire a few of its pages, known as the “Cinder Notes”. Not only would thes...


I went to the Grapeful Rest to meet with an associate of mine, but she never showed. While I was enjoying my breakfast alone, I eavesdropped on an argument between the gossipful barmaid and the bru...

A Good Neighbor

The nights are getting colder and you need to pay your rent on time before you get tossed out into the winter air. Luckily, you heard of the mysterious merchant from faraway shores who has come to ...

The Scarlet Cascabel (v2)

It's about time I visited an old friend of mine. I received a letter from Wendolyn who used to run with Basso and me back in the old days. She's been lying low for the past few years, running a...

Snowed Inn

A mysterious town visitor. A hunger stricken town. An unfinished snowman. It's time to set these things right.

Shadows of Northdale Act 2

Tonight you will be visiting the Grimwood district to follow your first lead, the mysterious tablet.

Darkness Walk With Us!

During one of my recent 'wealth distribution' activities, I overheard the Hammers saying that a certain Brother Teobaldo was leaving the next day on a secret mission. Apparently he is headed to the...

Order of the Dew

It's that time of month again, it won't be long before the landlord comes knocking for his rent. I contacted one of my informants hoping to find an easy job. What he gave me was... interesting. He ...

William Steele 4: The Warrens

Steele is in what’s left of the quarantined Warrens, where he searches for the elusive murderer Gyles Deacon and evidence that Deacon was responsible for murdering Steele’s parents.

Chronicles of Skulduggery 1: Pearls and Swine

Sneak into the neighboring borough Clifton Grove and steal a pearl amulet.

Death's Cold Embrace

by 7 authors

In DCE, you’ll hear a familiar tale. It’s a story that we’ve all heard before, but will hopefully feel fresh as it’s told through the dark world of Thief. You’ll sneak through a snow covered city, ...

Mission 1: A New Job

by 8 authors

Time for a bit of burglary. This mission introduces new players to the setting and gameplay of TDM. Start here after you get comfortable with the controls in the Training Mission.

The Accountant 2: New in Town

Picking up right where the accountant 1 left off, you meet with your fence to give him his necklace but unfortunately he changed his part of the bargain. Now you need to find another way out of the...

Dirty Money

Now that I found the Horn of Quintus, I just need to wait for Farkus who's been out of town lately. In the meantime, I got contacted by some fence at the Grinning Boar. His boss, who wish to remain...

Calendra's Cistern (v2.0)

by 6 authors

This is your city. A black-caped lord, you survey your domain from the rooftops with pensive, cynical eyes. They are analytical eyes. Like camera shutters, they slice and assess every footfall on t...

Being Thief 2: Exile

Garrett is wanted. During one of the nights in his hideout, he receives a letter from Lady Dove describing a mysterious job proposition.

Double or Quits

One of Lord Raputo’s lieutenants’s contacted me a few days ago. He said he had an interesting offer, an easy task at a very good price. I’d rather not be involved with the City Wardens, especially ...

Sneak and Destroy

This is not a common robbery. You need to sneak into a tavern to find a bounty hunter who wants your head. Gather information to make sure you will assassinate the correct person and leave the place.

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