William Steele 5: Commerce Bank

Bank Jobs

Steele visits Commerce Bank, looking for incriminating evidence stored away by Captain Marston of the City Watch.

Marsh of Rahena

Horror Phobic (Spiders/Heights) Swamp (and one genre more)

This is the story about the fate of my family. My uncle, Ralph Mac Roberts, is the baron of a keep nestled deep within the Rahenaen marshes. It was once an important outpost tasked with guardin...

Shadows of Northdale ACT II

Tonight you will be visiting the Grimwood district to follow your first lead, the mysterious tablet.

Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood


Crime has gone out of control in your neighbourhood, but after your beloved's life is threatened you cannot sit idly by anymore. It's time to clean up the neighbourhood, and the first step, taking ...

Hidden Hands: Initiation

Mansion/Estate Outdoor/Forest Relic/Artifact/Talisman

Infiltrate and explore the extraordinary places on Blackstone Island in order to become a full member of the mysterious "Hidden Hands".

The Night of Reluctant Benefaction

City Holidays Winter/Snow

Tis the season to right your wrongs, and to get to know thy neighbor.

Mission of Mercy


A new plague threatens Bridgeport. There are rumors of a cure - let's see if you can find it, and get it to the people who deserve it.

William Steele 4: The Warrens

The quarantined low-rent district

Braeden Church


Braeden Church, in Father Grimmore's time

A Night To Remember


You are blackmailed to steal the blueprints for the airship Gottfried II.

Chronicles of Skulduggery 1: Pearls and Swine


Sneak into the neighboring borough Clifton Grove and steal a pearl amulet.

Elixir, The


A wealthy lord is selling a secret "elixir" that claims to have beneficial properties for health. A local merchant has heard that this "elixir" is a sham and plans on selling a copied version of it...

Shadows of Northdale ACT I


A murder took place close to your home and even though you now live as a retired and wealthy thief, you decide to dust off your old gear and go and investigate the murder.

Sir Taffsalot's Sword


Find and return Sir T's stolen sword.

The Arena

AI Battle/Battle Arena/Combat

Watching the circle of life and death. Restricted space where you can spawn all kind of creatures and see them fighting, or fight by yourself. Thieves are set on player team. Pagans, moors and ma...

Volta II: Cauldron of the Gods

Meet your client and his "benefactor" to hand of the stone and get your payment.

In the Black

"When persons of influence have problems, they turn to their spymasters..." "...and when their spymasters have problems, there's a tap on shoulders like mine." Follow the money trail and gather the...

The Accountant 1: Thieves and Heirs

After being sold out by an old associate, you're now wanted by the citywatch. The only way out of the city is through a fence who recently contacted you. But he wants you to do a job for him first,...