The Hammer Skull

After the Rosetti Museum job, I was fat dumb and happy. Unfortunately, my high lifestyle burned through all the gold. After almost a year off, I am required to go back to work. During my nightly vi...

The Chalice of Souls

by multiple authors

Calendra's Cistern v2.0

by multiple authors

This is your city. A black-caped lord, you survey your domain from the rooftops with pensive, cynical eyes. They are analytical eyes. Like camera shutters, they slice and assess every footfall on t...

Circle of Strain Campaign

Read Felix's note at the start of each mission

Augustine's Revenge

You got a strange note under your door 2 nights ago to meet a stranger at the Fatted Calf. When you arrived you saw he was a hunched over sad looking man who dragged his left leg. It was from Princ...

The Hand of Glory

After all that trouble in Cragscleft, the catacombs and at Ramirez', I'm going to take care of business for myself for a while. The Hand of Glory, that magnificent specimen which is said to be a un...

Robbing A House

I have a simple task for this evening. It looks like Lord Bafford has a house in South Quarter and he's out of the city. I will break into the house and steal all valuables I can find.


Get the scepter!!! My first fm lol thanx for komags tutorial. U ROX KOMAG!!!