William Steele 5: Commerce Bank

Steele visits Commerce Bank, looking for incriminating evidence stored away by Captain Marston of the City Watch.

William Steele 4: The Warrens

The quarantined low-rent district

Braeden Church

Braeden Church, in Father Grimmore's time

Sir Taffsalot's Sword

Find and return Sir T's stolen sword.

Mission 1: A New Job

by multiple authors

Time for a bit of burglary. This mission introduces new players to the setting and gameplay of TDM. Start here after you get comfortable with the controls in the Training Mission.

William Steele 3: Cleighmoor

Cleighmoor takes Steele inside Cleighmoor Gaol, where Warden Fielder likes nothing better than a glass of wine and some cheese, while watching a miscreant hang from his gallows. Steele is tracking ...

William Steele 2: Home Again

Home Again takes place in Bridgeport when Steele returns home from the north. He finds that something terrible has happened, and he must begin a quest to find the perpetrator and why he did it.

William Steele 1: In the North

In the North is a mansion heist that takes place outside the town of Braedon, north of Bridgeport. William Steele is an adventurer from Bridgeport who has been away several years, working as a sold...