The plot is one of the possible scenarios after the completion of the original trilogy.

Upside Down

by multiple authors

A funny little experimental mission in which it is proposed that you change your profession.

King's Story

You are a part of a bigger picture; you've been caught in a trap, but it wasn't intended for you. Will you look out for yourself, or save someone who needs your help? King's palace is a good place...

The Seven Shades of Mercury

by multiple authors

My name is Shivan. I am an acolyte at the Excantium Academia, where we endure a grueling education and indoctrination into the Hammerite Legion here on the island of Tallia. It is the night of grad...

The Mirror

One day I tried to imagine the world without mirrors - the world of Thief. The water has no reflection. You can’t see your face anywhere. You don’t even know how you looks like. And another day I ...

Golden Book

This campaign is a compilation of three previous missions: Golden Book of Keepers, The Last Page and The Eternal Candle.