Thief: The Dark Project 20th Anniversary

On November 30th, we celebrated Thief: The Dark Project 20th release anniversary. On this occasion TTLG Forums published TDP 20th Anniversary Contest missions. You can check all 23 missions here. Whenever you finish any mission, don't forget to rate it on the official contest voting page! (Click "Vote here!" on fan mission page on our portal - note that TTLG Forums login will be required!)

23 fan missions is a big number. Here in Thief Guild Team we still didn't finished playing all of them! If you really want to rate every single mission, there is still time. You can take your time and enjoy playing fan missions with no rush until March 1st, 2019. After this day the voting will be closed.

Holidays time is gone. For those who hadn't enough of it, we tagged all Holidays themed fan missions and Winter/Snow related missions.

We tried to label all missions we remember. If you see anything missing, feel free to add it via our change suggestions submission system!

Happy New Year and Happy Taffing!