Lady Mossy

Mansion/Estate Pagan

My fence wants me to steal a Family Scepter from Lady Mossy's Mansion in South Quarter. Well I think it will be done easily. He also showed me a small storehouse, wehere I can get some interesting ...

Ashes and Dust

Mansion/Estate Relic/Artifact/Talisman

I just paid the rent on time so, in celebration, I decided to take the night off and enjoy a nice bottle by the hearth. As usual, for a thief such as myself, such pleasures are seldom accomplished,...

Golden Book


This campaign is a compilation of three previous missions: Golden Book of Keepers, The Last Page and The Eternal Candle.

The Art of Thievery

Jail/Prison Mansion/Estate Mechanist (and one genre more)

This mission takes place around the start of Thief2. Before Garrett knows too much about the Mechanists. Its mid summer, and the last rays of the sun are disappearing slowly behind the horizon....

The 7th Crystal

Mansion/Estate Mystery/Detective Phobic (Spiders/Heights) (and 2 genres more)

I'm at the Saturnine Mansion this evening and let me tell you, the circumstances of my inevitable leaving are indeed bittersweet.I'm afraid I've just run through the place and made quite a mess (bo...

Lord Edmund Entertains!

Mansion/Estate Town

Dear Lady Bernhard. The tenth annual meeting of our small society is at hand, and as usual, I will be acting as the host. I have fully stocked the pantry and prepared for your arrival to the best...