The Keep

by multiple authors

Well it has been a hard journey. You have dealt with Hammerites, Undead, and Undead Hammeritess. But now Ramirez gets what is coming to him. You've landing in a dock. This section of town isn't vis...

Garrett to the Rescue

by multiple authors

Apache's Mission Pack

by multiple authors

Campaign of Ramirez's Revenge, Stowaway, Hunt for Montrose and The Keep. If you have played these before. Then you know the info. Otherwise I suggest reading Garrett's diary. It is updated for e...

Hunt for Montrose

The Hunt for Montrose takes place on the Island of the Builder. Montrose's trail lead here. Search through the town and the levels of the tower and find him.


Stowaway is a short mission taking place on a dock. You must stowaway on the ship to get to the Island of the Builder. But, before you go stop by t he local Hammerite Temple. They have a Sword th...