Settling a Score

It's been three years since Cutty gasped his last breath in Cragscleft, and although he stiffed me on the Bafford job, I have yet to find a fence as reliable as he was. Hell, I guess I'm getting s...

The Kindred Vault

One of the dangers of working this city for so long is eventually running out of targets. The City Watch has been scouring the streets for opportunists like me which has forced me into the surroun...

The Uninvited Guest

(This mission takes place shortly after the events of Thief 1) I was awoken this evening by a light knock on the door... and a letter from the Keepers. A Hammerite High Priest has taken ill and ...


You've been commissioned by the Dayport Historic Museum to descend beneath an old Hammer church to recover some lost Relics before the church is demolished.

The Hole

You've arrived at the Crimson Limits Prison, in search of a valueable book which may contain the location of a large treasure. Find a way into the prison, find the book, and get out alive.

Debt To Nate

Your old pal Nate got you out of a jam a while back. You've got the perfect way to pay him back...steal The Majestic Horn for him.

Mylokhs Tower

Lord Mylokh has passed away, leaving his tower behind. It is believed to hold the fabled Sword of Elemental Flame. Get in, stay alive, get out.

Iron Man

After cutting a deal with Sheriff Winters, you are sent to the mansion of a wealthy iron-works tycoon known as "Iron Man". Retrieve the Mask of Triton and the Horn of Quintus for the sheriff...the...

Best Defense

You received a frantic visit from your old associate "Tricky" Nick. He informed you that the newly-elected sheriff is going to arrest you in order to gain some quick respect among his peers. Unfo...